I C Nothing
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04 Oct 2016

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A BLANK BOOK! BLACK PAGES! Introducing the darkest novel never written, by I. C. Nothing and authored with No Light At All. Be thrilled and amazed as you turn each page and start sinking further into the darkness. Not until you get to the end will you finally see the light! 240 pure Black and Blank pages fill up this hilariously surreal novelty book. A great addition to your coffee table at home, or something to break up the monotony at the office! It will make friends and family laugh out loud, and would make a perfect gag gift! Get your copy today! This book is a novelty item and is not to be taken seriously. It is filled with blank pages and only intended as a gag gift or conversation piece.

Adjective. She sat in the dark room alone. Soon it will be dark enough to see the stars. It was a dark and stormy night. Dark clouds of smoke were coming from the windows. She's wearing a dark suit to the interview.